Eyelike: Kara fails to impress on 'Full Bloom'


"Full Bloom"

(LOEN Entertainment)

KOREA - Kara has made a comeback with a completely new look, shedding its cutesy concept for an edgier look. Despite the new, exciting look, however, the group's fourth studio album "Full Bloom" is standard pop affair.

Title track "Damaged Lady" is about a woman bitter about a break-up and features the sound of French pop with a touch of rock. The melody is catchy enough, but the voice of each member is difficult to discern throughout the song. This lack of individuality is probably due to the copious amount of auto-tuning for not only this song, but the entire nine-track album as a whole.

"1+1" has a bubblegum pop sound with cutesy vocals and a bouncy beat. "In the Game" has a big band introduction and goes into a forgettable melody complete with cringe-inducing chanting in the chorus. "2Night" is both mediocre in melody as well as subject matter.

There are, however, hidden gems in the album. "Runaway" has a sweet melody that starts out with acoustic guitar, enhanced by smooth vocals. "Follow Me" has an old-school bass line resulting in a funky sound suitable to listen to after a hard day's work.