Fala Chen in Category III film with Gordon Lam

Hong Kong artiste Fala Chen, who left TVB after her contract expired in May, has acted in daring sex scenes in a "Category III" film co-starring Gordon Lam Ka Tung.

Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported that Chen, 31, could be seen kissing and cuddling with Lam in the horror flick titled Tales From the Dark.

Lam said he did not mind that the film was classified "Category III", which is synonymous with Hong Kong's soft porn movies.

He said the rating was given because of the frightening storyline and not due to the sex scenes.

On his nude scene, Lam said he was not embarrassed at all, adding that Chen was very professional and acted naturally in the scenes.

Last year, Chen also had an intimate scene with Chilam Cheung while shooting for TVB's Triumph in the Skies II.