Fan Bingbing goes public about romance with co-star

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and her The Empress of China co-star, actor Li Chen, have gone public as a couple.

Li posted a photograph of the himself and Fan, both dressed in white, on his Weibo and accompanied by a simple caption, "Us".

Fan then shared the post on her own account.

According to NetEase, this is the first time in Fan's 18-year career that she has gone public with her love life.

Li's post attracted well-wishes from a number of stars in the Chinese entertainment industry, including Zhao Wei, who was Fan's co-star in My Fair Princess, the 1998 television series where she first became known.

Rumours about the pair began swirling ever since they both starred in the controversial drama, which was reportedly one of the most expensive Chinese TV shows ever produced.

Fan played the role of the Empress Wu Zetian, while Li played a general.

Fan's family seem to be happy with Fan's choice of Li, and Fan's mother has apparently praised him warmly in conversations with her friends, NetEase reported.