Fans flock to Changi Airport to catch star

SINGAPORE- Those The New Paper spoke to said that about 2,000 of them thronged Changi Airport's Terminal 2 on Monday evening to wait for the South Korean star's arrival.

Lee flew in via Korean Air and came out promptly at about 8pm.

Fans standing near the barricades pushed forward against them to get to Lee and some were rewarded when he shook hands with them.

The scene was chaotic and screams filled the air while a slightly tired-looking Lee kept smiling nonetheless.

Some of the girls apparently started crying as it was the first time that they had got close to Lee.

Others who had brought stools to stand on were happy that they managed to take a picture of Lee.

Said 22-year-old restaurant manager Nethy Kua: "I couldn't breathe, I was on such a high. This was wonderful because I was so crushed when I couldn't get a ticket to the private event.

"He is so handsome it is unbelievable."

At about 2pm, more fans waited outside the gates of the ballroom where Lee's press conference and private event were to be held, to catch a glimpse of him.

They had waited for five hours and could only watch as those who had tickets to the private event walked past them with joy.

For the fans without tickets, it was a moment filled with despair.

Said 17-year-old student Mindy Ho: "I felt like I was stuck in a prison.

"The bars on the gates made me feel even sadder.

"I didn't see Min Ho and I don't know how long I will have to wait to get to see him again."

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