Fans puzzled at Carina Lau's performance in Chinese TV series

Fans have criticised Carina Lau, 54, for her 'young' look in the TV series Eighteen Springs.
PHOTO: Weibo

TAIPEI  — Fans have expressed their surprise and disbelief at Carina Lau’s 'young look' in the latest episode of the popular TV series Eighteen Springs aired on Nov 20.

Lau, 54, played a social butterfly in her early twenties with her hair tied in a double ponytail to the surprise of her fans who said that she failed to “pretend to be young.”

Fans said that she failed to pretend to be young.
PHOTO: Weibo

Social media users added that she doesn’t look like an “older sister” (a polite term of address in Mandarin for a girl or woman slightly older than the speaker) but rather like a “mother”.

Others also questioned whether the late Eileen Chang, the author of the original novel, would have allowed her to do this.

The series, based on Chang’s novel Half a Lifelong Romance, stars Carina, Jiang Xin, and Joe Cheng.

Based on Eileen Chang’s novel Half a Lifelong Romance, the Chinese TV series Eighteen Springs stars Carina Lau, Jiang Xin, and Joe Cheng. PHOTO: Weibo