Fans saddened by death of K-pop group Spectrum's rapper Kim Dong-yoon, 20


Kim Dong-yoon, the main rapper of K-pop group Spectrum, died Friday, shocking his fans both at home and abroad. 

Fans were deeply saddened by the news. The 20-year-old had been active on social media up until the day before his death. Not only did he post pictures on the group’s Instagram account, he also initiated a livestream broadcast to interact with fans.

On the day of his death, Spectrum’s agency WYNN Entertainment said, “Spectrum member Kim Dong-yoon left our side. It was so sudden that his family, his fellow members, and all our employees are still in mourning. We are so sorry and our hearts hurt to have to pass along this saddening news to the dedicated fans who have loved as well as supported Dong-yoon thus far.” 

An autopsy has been ordered, and Kim’s family plans on having a quiet ceremony in his honor when the time is right.

Kim and his bandmates debuted in May this year with the album “Be Born.” He was a popular contestant on “MIXNINE,” a reality show hosted by YG Entertainment.