Fans think Hannah Quinlivan and Jay Chou's ex look strikingly similar

Jay Chou and wife Hannah Quinvilan got in the mood for halloween and dressed up as a heavily made-up horror couple - but fans can't stop wondering one thing.

Many have commented on Quinlivan's Facebook page, that she looks quite similar to Jay Chou's rumoured ex-flame, Jolin Tsai, according to Sina Entertainment.

In a purple wig and heavy eye make up, Quinvilan was sporting thick and dark eyebrows and plump lips.

Her get-up got many fans saying that she was dressing up as Tsai.

After seeing the similarity, fans dug up old photos of Quinlivan and compared them side by side with Tsai's. They commented that they both have large eyes and similar features, said Sina.

Chou, on the other hand, opted for an animal look this Halloween.

It is unclear what animal he is trying to be, but he is seen with a white powdered face and a large black nose. Fans said he could be a wolf or a fox.

Other than them, some Chinese celebrities have gotten dressed up for the occasion and posted their pictures on social media.

Singer Lee Hom and wife took a group wefie with their baby girl - with her face masked with a pumpkin icon.

The pair dressed up as Arabian-like characters with Lee Hom sporting an extra curly moustache and his wife in a genie costume.