Fashion Police hosts get critiqued for shaming people

LOS ANGELES - Their job is to gush about - and tear apart - the best and worst outfits on Hollywood's glitziest red carpets.

Fashion Police's well-known hosts Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne are merciless in their critiques, even of A-listers.

Shaming people is their true forte - but some fans and celebrities will have none of it.

In fact, Osbourne has received her fair share of death threats from fans of US pop star Beyonce for remarks that reflected badly on their music idol.

"If we say one thing we don't like about her or that can be deemed disrespectful, that's it, you get death threats for a month from her followers," the purple-haired presenter told the international media last week in Los Angeles at a press conference to promote the popular TV show on US cable channel E!.

The 30-year-old was accompanied by her Pomeranian pet dog Sidney and fellow hosts Rancic and Brad Goreski.

Celebrity fashion stylist Goreski and actress-comedienne Kathy Griffin, who was ill and not present, are new additions to Fashion Police, which returns for a new season tomorrow at 9pm on E! Entertainment (StarHub Ch 441).

Rancic, 40, said she was once accosted by US actress Taryn Manning nine years ago at a restaurant in LA for tearing her outfit apart.

"It was a second date with my then-boyfriend and she came in, walked to our table, looked at me and went 'You!' before going off at me.

"It was very embarrassing, I wanted to hurt her," Rancic half-joked.

That first experience was not the last.

Rancic's bigger attack came from US actress-comedienne Tina Fey, who Rancic had slammed for her "Little Bo Peep" Zac Posen dress at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards.


"We later met at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and she said to me, 'Oh, didn't you take a hot steaming dump on my dress last week on Fashion Police?' I was, again, mortified.

"Then she said, 'I'm kidding, I don't care, I love Fashion Police'. She played along and that's how celebrities are like is supposed to be fun," said Rancic.

Osbourne, who claimed she sometimes bears the brunt for mean comments by her co-hosts, has had Courtney Love release "a lovely video" of her on the Internet after the US rocker thought Osbourne had called her a "crackhead", when it was in fact Rancic who had made the comment.

But apart from all these jabs, the hosts enjoy their exclusive, first-hand experiences rubbing shoulders with celebrities on the red carpet.

With this year's Golden Globe Awards taking place today and officially kicking off awards season in Hollywood, they already have their eyes set on possible spotlight-stealers, ranging from English actress Felicity Jones for Goreski to US actress Jennifer Aniston for Rancic.

"I'd love to see Aniston step it up. She's coming into more of her own recently, she's more outspoken, she's not afraid to say what's on her mind and is taking more risks. It will be interesting to see if that translates into fashion as well," said Rancic.

For Osbourne, the best part is when the underdogs surpass their expectations, citing Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o as an example.

"She was a game changer in her red Ralph Lauren dress at the last Golden Globe Awards; it changed the last red carpet season," Osbourne said.

"The best part is that a rumour went that a certain designer had given her a dress but a starlet was upset she was wearing the same designer. So (the starlet) made the designer take the dress off her. She (Nyong'o) had to find that red dress and it ended up being the best dress of the night."

This article was first published on January 12, 2015.
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