Fast five with Gabriella Wilde

1. Name Game

She was extremely convincing as an all- American teenager in last year's horror flick Carrie, but Wilde, 24, isn't even a Yank.

Gabriella Wilde is her stage moniker chosen in honour of Irish writer Oscar Wilde.

Her real name (see Fact File) reveals that she is a true-blue aristocrat, a descendent of the UK's Gough-Calthorpe barony.

Well-connected to the British Royal family, this high society blonde beauty also has close ties to Brit magnate Richard Branson.

2. Leading Lady

As someone born with a silver spoon in her mouth (her father is a property tycoon), she's perfect for playing upper-class Jade Butterfield in Endless Love, opening here on Thursday. The romance, which stars fellow Brit Alex Pettyfer (above) as her love interest, is her first Hollywood leading role.

A remake of the 1981 Brooke Shields movie, the story follows a young star-crossed couple from opposite spectrums of society.

3. Building Chemistry

Endless Love thrives on Wilde and Pettyfer's onscreen chemistry, which director Shana Feste wanted to establish before filming.

Said Wilde: "It was very important for Shana to make a movie that was truthful, so we had a lot of rehearsal time."

4. Model Behaviour

Wilde was spotted by British supermodel Naomi Campbell at the age of 15 - in a toilet of all places.

"(Naomi) took Polaroid photos of me in the loo; I was terrified!" Wilde told GQ magazine.

Following that chance encounter, she was signed by Campbell's agency and has since established herself as a successful working model, appearing in high-profile Topshop, Lacoste and Abercrombie & Fitch campaigns and being a spokesman for Burberry.

5. Baby Time

Wilde is engaged to UK musician Alan Pownall of indie band Pale, and the couple are reportedly expecting their first child this month.

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