Faye Wong's manager refutes star's drug rumours

The agent of singer-songwriter Faye Wong has issued a statement denying that the star is in legal trouble over alleged drug use.

Earlier on Tuesday, rumours circulated on Weibo that a "diva" was arrested for drug-use in Beijing.

Since Wong is often referred to as a diva by Chinese media, netizens believed that the unsubstantiated rumours hinted at Wong's supposed arrest.

Faye's manager, Katie Chen, immediately stepped up to defend Faye from the allegations of the star's drug-use when the rumour gained traction.

Chen asked the media in a statement to "refrain from spreading arbitrary rumours," concluding that her company reserves the right to "pursue legal action" on the matter.

Last month, Chinese playwright Ning Caishen and director Zhang Yuan were arrested for drug-use in separate incidents.