Felicia Chin, Zoe Tay and other celebrities you didn't know were great cooks

In addition to singing, acting and working the runway, some of them even cook. While celebrities are often seen eating out, many of them enjoy playing chef.

Scroll through our list of the most appetising meals prepared by our favourite actors and models.

If things don't work out with their day job, they clearly have a culinary career fall back out.

Zoe Tay

Photo: Instagram/Zoe Tay

Zoe has long expressed her love for food and preparing home-cooked meals on Instagram. The veteran actress who is all about the family recently posted a snap of a crab dish she whipped up with the caption, "Cooking for my beloved family".

Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu

Photo: Instagram/Felicia Chin

Ever wondered who's the cook in Felicia and Jeffrey's relationship? It seems like the lovebirds actually share the kitchen duties.

On Mother's Day, the celebrity couple joined forces to put together a meal for Felicia's mum. The actress took to Instagram to share a snap of the ambrosial dishes she cooked up with the help of Jeffrey.

She captioned it, "Jeffrey and I cooked a simple Mother's Day meal for my Mom today! it looks simple but we took awhile to figure out how to operate with minimal equipment and time. Makes me think of how Mom always gives us the best with whatever time and finances she had on hand and how good quality home cooked food has always been placed on the table for me since I was a little girl. Thank you Mommy we love you!".

Fish Leong

Photo: Instagram/Fish Leong

The Malaysian singer might be most famous for her Mandopop love songs that tug at the heartstrings, but Fish also knows how to rustle up a good meal. She shared her love for hearty cooking like this mixed noodles with spring scallions on Instagram.

The ballad singer who learnt how to cook from her mother says that the secret behind serving up a delicious bowl of mixed noodles with spring scallions is separating the fried scallions from the oil used to fry the scallions. Leave the fried scallions and oil to sit before mixing them together in a glass jar.

Sheila Sim

Photo: Instagram/Sheila Sim

The model stays svelte with at-home treats like this jar of overnight oats, a great no-cook breakfast option for rushed mornings. When asked about her recipe, she replied, "It's actually really easy. Just mixed everything I want in a jar. Add in almond milk and yogurt of your choice. There's plenty of recipes on Google!".

Rosalyn Lee

Photo: Instagram/Rosalyn Lee

Food wastage is a growing problem in Singapore. Based on statistics from the National Environment Agency (NEA), while it accounts for 10 per cent of the waste generated in Singapore, only 14 per cent of the food waste is recycled and the rest of it is disposed.

Media personality Rosalyn Lee made a case for using leftover food to reduce food waste by whipping up this scrumptious plate of linguine made with canned sardines, red onions, garlic, chilli powder, dried oregano, olive oil and butter. She topped it all off with a ramen-style boiled egg with runny yolk which she learnt how to make from a YouTube video.

Sun Fei Fei

Photo: Instagram/Sun Feifei

The Chinese supermodel who is the newest face of global makeup powerhouse Estee Lauder, knows how to satisfy cravings the guilt-free way with a homemade green pudding.

Cheryl Wee

Photo: Instagram/Cheryl Wee

While Cheryl's food grams are primarily meals for her cafe hopping adventures, she occasionally gives us a glimpse into her cooking projects, such as this sambal fried rice with mozzarella grated cheese.

Cheryl's recipe:

- Stir fry some garlic, onion, 1 large chopped Chili and coconut oil in a wok till slightly golden brown. Then Flash fry 100g of prawns. Set aside.

- Whisk 1 egg and cook a thin omelette. Set Aside. (This is to wrap the rice)

- Heat the wok and add in all the ingredients and 1 cup of overnight cooked rice/ rice that has just been cooked. Add in a dash of Chilli powder, soy sauce and evenly distribute. Crack another egg into the wok and quickly scramble and mix into the rice.

- Once rice is cooked. Wrap the rice into the thin omelette sheet and top it with 150g Perfect Italiano Mozzarella Grated Cheese.

- Bake it in the oven for 10 mins till golden brown. And lunch is served.

Siau Jiahui

Photo: Instagram/Siau Jiahui

The radio deejay fills our feed with adorable snaps of her daughter, flawless selfies and food, like this healthy tonic soup with jujube and dates. Sharing a photo of her hearty bowl of goodness on Instagram, she captioned it, "every slight adjustment in the proportion of (similar) ingredients and cooking duration makes a difference in the final taste".

This article was first published in Her World Online.