Film pick: Golden Chickeness (M18)

SINGAPORE - With its irrepressible and bawdy humour and a sparkling line-up of cameos, Golden Chickensss offers laughs and star-gazing for, well, some members of your family.

Sandra Ng (above, with Tony Leung Ka Fai) reprises the role which won her a Golden Horse Award in 2003 and is once again a hoot as the plucky prostitute Kam.

She has worked her way up to being a mamasan and now manages a coterie of girls, including a bucktoothed newbie, Wu Lu (a hilarious Ivana Wong).

The glittery cameos are plenty of fun, from Shawn Yue as a subway rider with intense body odour to Louis Koo as a, um, Louis Koo impersonator.

Only in the anything-goes world of Hong Kong cinema could a prostitute named Kam become an iconic character. And her never-say-die attitude is also a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the territory itself.

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