flumpool and Mayday team up for film theme

TOKYO - Oshin, a 1983 Japanese TV drama that traced the tough life of a woman in the early 20th century, has been made into a film to be released on Oct 12.

Its Japanese theme song is by Japanese rock band flumpool and Taiwanese band Mayday.

The two bands performed together for the first time in 2011 in Taiwan. Since then, they have built up a rapport that includes covering each other's hit songs.

Oshin's theme song, Belief: Haru O Matsu Kimi-de, was jointly sung by Mayday's Ashin and flumpool's Ryuta Yamamura.

Yamamura, who wrote the lyrics, said: "The lyrics are based on the film's theme about a girl's efforts to persevere through hardships for the sake of her family and beloved home town.

"Our collaboration with Taiwan's Mayday enhanced the power of both (our bands) and enabled us to go beyond our limits. I also wanted to express our affection for our homelands and overcome our differences."

Said flumpool's Kazuki Sakai, who composed the theme song: "I hope the music's heartrending but strong melody will move and encourage people."

flumpool members said they had not watched the original NHK morning series that aired from April 1983 to March 1984. The tear-jerker was a hit in Taiwan and elsewhere in the region, including Singapore.

Ashin said: "Oshin has been played (on TV) since I was very young. Many people in Taiwan know about it. I learnt the spirit of overcoming difficulties from that drama."

Commenting on Mayday's music, flumpool member Genki Amakawa said: "Their melodies are straightforward and powerful."

Meanwhile, Mayday member Monster said he was inspired by how flumpool members put all their strength into their concerts.

He said: "Their ballads are particularly good. They almost drive me to tears."

A CD containing Belief and another song, Tsuyoku Hakanaku, will go on sale on Oct 2. Mayday's best-hits album is scheduled to go on sale this autumn.