Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi drops comeback single

Sunmi is the ex-Wonder Girls singer who has become a K-pop star in her own right.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

On June 29, former Wonder Girls member Sunmi made her solo comeback with Pporappippam. The song – which title roughly translates to “purple night” – features a romantic, purple-hued music video.Pporappippam is Sunmi’s first release since Lalalay in August 2019. As with Lalalay, the lyrics to Pporappippam were written by Sunmi herself. The singer also had a hand in the music, which she co-composed with FRANTS.

The singer said that she had a different concept in mind when she was initially planning her comeback. However, after considering the Covid-19 pandemic, she decided that she wanted to produce a song that would “deliver emotional relief and escapism” to fans.

“This time, I wanted to make a summery song. Throughout the production process, I thought a lot about what kind of styles I hadn’t shown before; then I realised I hadn’t done a song with a bright, refreshing vibe before.

Gashina (Sunmi’s 2017 release) was the closest I got to that. I wrote Pporappippam aiming to find a balance between ‘uplifting’ and ‘exciting’ vibes,” she told Korea’s Xportsnews.

Sunmi also spoke about the large number of summer comebacks this year: “I’m surprised that I’m promoting alongside Hwasa, Chungha, and Jung Eun-ji. It really feels like female solo artistes are taking over. I think this is a great thing. Every artiste has their own unique colour – it’s not a uniform concept across the board.”

However, Sunmi does not see her fellow artistes as competition; rather, she “prefers to focus on how (her own) music will be received”.