Friends: Where are they now

For a decade, they were our best friends on television. It is time to get reacquainted with our pals from Central Perk. Friends left an indelible mark in sitcom history during its 10-year run on the small screen.

Now, nine years after the show ended, we find out what the friends have been up to. It appears that life outside the walls of Central Perk coffeehouse hasn't exactly been rosy for the world's most famous group of friends.

Matthew Perry

Who would have thought that the bubbly man who played the sarcastic and witty Chandler Bing had a dark secret? Earlier this year, Perry opened up to People magazine and revealed that he was abusing alcohol and drugs during Friends' successful run.

Now clean and sober at 43, Perry is still very much active in the acting circle. However, the man's spending most of his time these days advocating drug courts where non-violent drug offenders are given a chance to be rehabilitated through treatment (as opposed to serving jail time).

After Friends ended, Perry went on to star in The Ron Clark Story which garnered him a Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination for his performance. Perry's last big outing on the big screen was with Zac Efron in 2009's 17 Again.

His latest show, Go On, was cancelled after just one season. The series suffered a similar fate to his 2011 series Mr Sunshine, which got axed after nine episodes.

David Schwimmer

Unfortunately for David Schwimmer, his acting career has been stuck in second gear after the end of Friends. After the series finale in 2004, Schwimmer played the titular character in 2005's Duane Hopwood. The film was featured in the Sundance Film Festival.

Other notable film roles include the dark comedy Big Nothing and the thriller Nothing But The Truth. His big-screen break came with a voice role in the animated movie Madagascar franchise where he played Melman the giraffe.

In recent years though, the actor has been honing his live-theatre acting skills. He made his London stage debut in 2006 with the leading role in Some Girls and, in 2006, his Broadway debut in The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial.

Apart from that, he also had a guest appearance on several TV shows such as 30 Rock and Entourage.

He's also stepped behind the camera to direct a handful of indie films such as Run Fatboy Run and Trust.

Matt LeBlanc

Immediately after the end of Friends, Matt LeBlanc sought to prolong the screen time of his character Joey Tribbiani in the ill-fated spin-off Joey. The show was cancelled after just one season in 2006.

Four years later, LeBlanc might have just found another recipe for success with Episodes, a new comedy series created by one of the producers of Friends. In Episodes, the now 46-year-old actor plays a fictionalised version of himself.

While the critics' responses to Episodes have been mixed, LeBlanc's stint on the series nabbed him a Best Actor win at the 2012's Golden Globes Award and several Emmy nominations.

On the personal front, though, things haven't exactly been rosy for the actor. His marriage to British model Melissa McKnight failed around the same time that Joey did. LeBlanc also made tabloid headlines after he admitted to groping a stripper at a Canadian nightclub.

Jennifer Aniston

There's no doubt that she's the most high-profiled "friend" on the show. After ending her run as fashion enthusiast Rachel Green, the actress continues to make appearances on the big screen and on the pages of tabloids and magazines.

On the professional front, the response to Aniston's film career has been mixed. Her filmography includes Rumour Has It ..., Friends With Money and He's Just Not That Into You where she usually takes on the girl-next-door role. The Break-Up was a commercial success. Despite being panned by critics, the film grossed over US$203mil (RM677mil) worldwide. Aniston managed to silence the critics when she played the man-eating Dr Julia Harris in Horrible Bosses.

While she found professional success, the same can't be said about Aniston's love life. The whole Brangelina issue aside, Aniston has been linked to men such as Vince Vaughn and John Mayer. Both relationships were heavily scrutinised by the media. The actress is currently engaged to actor Justin Theroux whom she met on the set of Wanderlust.

But if anything, Aniston has lasting star power as evident from her appearance on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list (based on "earnings and fame") every year since 2011.

Courteney Cox

Family was the sole focus of Courteney Cox following the series finale of Friends. Cox had been trying for so long to conceive and when she was finally pregnant with daughter Coco, she had to decline the role of Susan Mayer (which went to Teri Hatcher) in Desperate Housewives.

The actress bounced back to TV a few years later when she played a tabloid editor in the comedy series Dirt. The show was cancelled after two seasons due to low ratings. More heartbreak ensued when Cox separated from her husband David Arquette in 2010.

Cox didn't take long to make another break on television, though. The actress is currently playing the role of a divorced real estate agent who's jumping right back on the romance wagon in her 40s in Cougar Town.

While Cougar Town has been a fan favourite, the ratings for the show have not been particularly favourable.

Cox also managed to clinch some screen time in the Scream horror movie franchise.

Lisa Kudrow

Everybody loves Phoebe, the quirkiest of the gang. Post-Friends, Lisa Kudrow embarked on a variety of projects for the small and big screens, and even online.

Kudrow dabbled in a number of indie films, but it was comedy that eventually put her back on the map.

In The Comeback, Kudrow stars as Valerie Cherish, an insecure and desperate actor. She scored an Emmy nomination but the show was cancelled after only 13 episodes, much to the chagrin of fans.

Kudrow later won acclaim for her improvised online series Web Therapy, but the transition of the series to the small screen was greeted with a somewhat lukewarm response. Apart from that, Kudrow has also appeared in a string of movies from PS I Love You to the hit comedy Easy A.

That said, Kudrow's most notable work would have to be as executive producer for the US instalment of the British genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are? Kudrow traced back her family tree during the first season of the show.

Up next, Kudrow is set to guest-star in the hit series, Scandal.