G-Dragon composes track for iKON's new album

South Korean pop band BigBang's (from left) Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung and T.O.P. performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 18 July 2015.
PHOTO: One Production and Live Nation Lushington

YG Entertainment's latest boy band iKON is preparing its first studio album release, which will feature a track cowritten and composed by fellow labelmate artist G-Dragon, one of the biggest figures in K-pop.

The boy band's upcoming track "I Miss You So Bad" was written in collaboration with G-Dragon and iKON rappers B.I and Bobby, and composed by G-Dragon and Dee.P.

The track marks the first time that K-pop veteran G-Dragon has written and composed a song for an artist outside of his group, Big Bang.

The debut full studio album "Welcome Back" is slated for release on Dec. 24.