G-Dragon gearing up for new YG collaboration

Big Bang leader G-Dragon, one of the biggest names in K-pop, will be taking part in his agency's upcoming hip-hop collaboration team, according to a statement by YG Entertainment on Monday.

Officials at YG revealed that the mega K-pop star will be one of the five artists participating in the agency's next line of music projects.

Titled "YG Hiphop Project 1," the collaboration will feature two YG artists, including G-Dragon, with the other members to be revealed later. Music from the upcoming project is scheduled to drop on Nov. 21.

The agency also announced that is slated to unveil its upcoming "YG HIPHOP PROJECT 2" on Dec. 2. The second project is said to involve three artists. No other details, however, have been released.

YG is well known for its collaborative music projects, and recently debuted its latest project unit group HI SUHYUN, featuring solo artist Lee Hi and Lee Su-hyun of Akdong Musician.