G-Dragon makes accidental acting debut


K-pop superstar G-Dragon may have bit off more than he can chew when he agreed to be a guest on Saturday's special edition of "Infinite Challenge."

During his decade-long career as an entertainer, G-Dragon has never accepted roles in films and dramas because he hates watching himself act, but after unwittingly accepting to appear as a guest on "Muhan Company," the regular comic skit of "Infinite Challenge," G-Dragon may finally be making his acting debut.

G-Dragon revealed on Saturday's behind the scenes episode that he thought he would be alongside comedians or singers, but later found out that he would be rubbing shoulders with some of Korea's top stars, such as actress Kim Hye-soo and actor Lee Je-hoon.

He was unaware that the "Muhan Company" skit was being revamped into an action blockbuster special with writer Kim Eun-hee developing the plot and director Jang Hang-joon taking the reins on filming.

It appears G-Dragon has been nudged in the middle of this high value film set with veteran actors, and despite his tenure as an entertainment industry senior, he seemed nervous and unconfident.

Furthermore, G-Dragon will reportedly be playing a very big role in the skit-turned-film, heightening his anxiety as well as anticipations for the episode.

The special "Muhan Company" edition of "Infinite Challenge" is scheduled to broadcast on Sept. 7.

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of G-Dragon's takes below: