Go ahead, call Reedus a 'tweet-a-holic

Actor Norman Reedus is obsessed with social media, with good reason. "It's sort of my connection to the world, especially when we're bouncing around filming in a bubble that is Georgia," says the 45-year-old actor with a laugh.

The Walking Dead is filmed in Senoia, a small quiet town in the American state of Georgia, and Reedus plays zombie hunter Daryl Dixon (right). Calling himself a "tweet-a- holic", Reedus typically updates his Twitter (@wwwbigbaldhead) and Instagram (@bigbaldhead) accounts at least a few times each day. His tweets are mostly pictures of people and things around him, whether on set or otherwise.

When he was in Singapore, for example, he tweeted photos of the Marina Bay skyline as seen from his hotel room at Fairmont Singapore as well as a picture of him with a local durian seller.

He also regularly uploads his selfies with his fans and zombie artwork that he receives from the show's devotees. He says: "The Walking Dead is a show that feels like it belongs to the people, so I get on social media because I want to share this with them.

"They give us all this amazing feedback, but we're off in this bubble, so it's great to be connected to them this way." He jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon back when he was filming The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009), the sequel to the 1999 cult hit The Boondock Saints, about a pair of sibling vigilantes.

"Back then, we didn't have any promos and things like that, but I learnt the success of the movie and the hype around the second one when people started sending me pictures of my face on their shirts and tattooed on themselves.

And that's when I felt like it was our movie, everyone's movie. So I kept rolling the ball into what I'm doing now." While he says he enjoys the constant fan interaction online, there are times when he feels like it goes overboard.

He recalls a flight that he took recently where he wanted to remain as anonymous as possible. "I had my hat on and my head was down the entire time. But I turned on my iPad when the plane hit Wi-Fi-level and somebody sent me a picture of the back of my head.

"I'm looking at it and then I'm like, 'Wait, that's this plane'. And so I turn around and the girl says to me, 'Can I get another one? That wasn't very good'. "Sometimes it's great, but other times you're just exhausted." "The Walking Dead is a show that feels like it belongs to the people, so I get on social media because I want to share this with them."

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