g.o.d may make comeback in March

Veteran K-pop idol group g.o.d.

SEOUL - All five original members of first-generation idol group g.o.d are said to be reuniting next March for a commemorative 15th-anniversary album.

"Kim Tae Woo, Son Ho Young, Danny Ahn, Yoon Kye Sang and Park Joon Hyung are discussing plans for a potential album and concert in commemoration of their 15th anniversary," an insider source revealed to a sports magazine on Monday.

"But there are a lot of issues to sort through, so there will need to be a great deal of patience."

The group debuted in 1999 with the album To Mother and continued their success, churning out hit songs such as Road, Lies and Place Where You Need To Be.

g.o.d was one of the first K-pop idol groups to sell more than one million albums. The band did not split up officially, but disbanded naturally soon after Yoon left the group in 2004.

If the talk about an upcoming album turns out to be true, it will be g.o.d's first album since their eighth studio album Into The Sky, which was released in 2005.