Gong Li is under fire after vowing not to join the Golden Horse race again

Chinese actress Gong Li arrives ahead of the Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei on November 22, 2014.

UPDATE: Gong Li has come under fire for criticising the Golden Horse Awards for being "unprofessional" and apparently vowing not to take part in the awards any more, despite it being her first time there. 

In a statement issued by her manager on Tuesday, Gong, 48, was quoted as saying: "Special thanks to the Golden Horse Awards for giving me this opportunity to understand what an unprofessional film festival is like. And everyone in the arts will look down on an unfair film festival."

"This was my first time at the Golden Horse Awards, and it will be my last time," she was quoted as saying.

While the Chinese actress was attacked by some, she was also defended by others just as Taiwanese director Sylvia Chang, who is also chairperson of the awards committee, said Gong "did not say this herself", reported The Straits Times

According to Ming Pao, Hong Kong director Shu Kei called Gong an ignorant "frog in the well" for thinking she was unbeatable. He added that even American actress Meryl Streep is not nominated for an Oscar every year. "Are you better than Auntie Meryl?"

While some Taiwanese netizens said they did not want to watch her "amateur performances" any more, some Chinese netizens believed that Gong's statement was fabricated by the Taiwanese press. 

One netizen claimed that TV host Pink Yang had been rude to Gong. When Gong said that she would act in a comedy, Yang said: "Let's talk after you get the Best Actress award." 



Gong Li criticises Golden Horse Awards

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Chinese actress Gong Li, who didn't win the Best Actress title in the 51st Golden Horse Awards, reportedly expressed her disappointment at the fairness of the awards yesterday, saying that the event failed to maintain fairness and make professional judgments. She said she will never go to the event again, even though it was her first time in attendance.

The statement was released to the press by her agent Tseng Jing-chau via text message.

As the outcome of the awards was revealed on Saturday, many people stood up for Gong Li and left online messages on her Weibo page, saying that she would have won if Joan Chen, a Chinese actress who reportedly has misunderstandings with Gong, was not the head of the jury.

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"Gong said she is grateful for this opportunity to come to Taiwan and participate in the awards since it gave her a chance to see what an unfair and unprofessional awards ceremony is like. She thinks that the unfair awards will be looked down upon by many artists," said Tseng in the statement.

Rather than pointing to the result of the Best Actress Award, the statement indicated that Gong's words were referring to the awards as a whole and should be considered as a reflection of her experience there.

According to Tseng, Gong is open-minded about the result and thinks she did not have to win as she was invited to the event for the first time. However, she feels she has to express her opinion after seeing people bombard the awards with criticism this year.

Regarding the result for Best Actress, Chen said to the press after the ceremony that it was a tight race and the jury had a difficult time determining who the final winner would be among a group of talented actresses. Chen continued by saying that Gong lasted to the final round and lost to the final winner - Chen Shiang-chyi, a Taiwanese actress.

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Responses to Gong

Responding to Gong's reported comments, Taiwanese director Sylvia Chang, the chairperson of the 51st Golden Horse Awards, said there is a difference between Gong's own words and a statement from her agent.

"Maybe it is only the agent's idea to release this statement, trying to speak up for his artist," said Chang.

The Golden Horse Awards Committee also released a statement, saying that there were 17 judges in the committee this year and they all have professional backgrounds.