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Gossip mill: Blackpink's Jennie slammed for seemingly vaping indoors, Lee Lee-zen 'scolded' by wife Matilda Tao after winning award, Andy Lau apologises for dangerous concert stunt

Gossip mill: Blackpink's Jennie slammed for seemingly vaping indoors, Lee Lee-zen 'scolded' by wife Matilda Tao after winning award, Andy Lau apologises for dangerous concert stunt
Blackpink’s Jennie (left) was caught vaping, Andy Lau nearly slid off stage.
PHOTO: Instagram/Jennie, screengrab/Xiaohongshu/JasonNgNg

Blackpink's Jennie slammed for seemingly vaping indoors

[UPDATE: 5.30pm]

Jennie has admitted to vaping indoors and released an apology through her agency Odd Atelier.

The statement read: "Jennie acknowledges and deeply regrets her mistake of vaping indoors and causing inconvenience to the staff. Jennie has personally apologised to all the staff on-site who may have been affected.

"We apologise to her fans who have been disappointed through this incident. We hope to prevent this from reoccurring in the future."


It was only a few seconds of a 10-minute video, but eagle-eyed netizens spotted something amiss in a vlog by Blackpink's Jennie.

A video uploaded on Jennie's YouTube channel on July 2 shows the pop star in Capri, an island in Italy, to walk the runway at a fashion show by French brand Jacquemus.

In one section of the vlog that has since been edited out, the 28-year-old could be seen seemingly vaping while getting her hair and makeup done.

Some speculated that the device could be a vitamin diffuser instead of a vape, while others pointed out that it was impossible to tell from the angle.

While some netizens came to Jennie's defence, calling her a "grown-a** woman who can do whatever she wants", others pointed out that she was likely vaping indoors and blowing smoke in the direction of her makeup artist.

While vapes are legal in both South Korea and Italy, smoking indoors is prohibited in both countries, with NCT's Haechan previously receiving a fine for doing so in a dance studio.

"She needs to learn some manners. Who smokes indoors and that too when they are doing her makeup?" one user on X commented.

A netizen on anonymous forum Theqoo wrote: "Even if the person in front of her was a smoker, that's not [right]."

Jennie's agency Odd Atelier wrote in a statement that they are "in the process of verifying the facts about the controversy", while news outlet My Daily shared that Jennie has been reported to the South Korean embassy in Italy.

Lee Lee-zen 'scolded' by wife Matilda Tao after winning award


On July 6, Taiwanese actor Lee Lee-zen won Best Supporting Actor at the Taipei Film Awards for his role in the crime drama movie The Pig, The Snake and The Pigeon (2023).

In an emotional backstage interview, the 50-year-old said: "I didn't think that I would be nominated, let alone win. I was still in Singapore yesterday and I asked my wife (host-singer Matilda Tao) if I should return [for the award ceremony]. She said of course I had to.

"That's why during my speech on stage just now, I thanked her for always helping me make the correct decisions these 20 years."

Matilda and Lee-zen got married in 2005 and have two children together, with the younger one currently studying in Singapore.

Lee-zen then video-called Matilda, 54, but when he turned his phone screen towards the reporters in attendance, she cursed at him: "I'm not wearing makeup, k**b**!"

Matilda explained her reaction in a Facebook post the next day, sharing that she was walking their dog and picking up its poop when Lee-zen called.

"When he video-called me in front of all the reporters, because I wasn't wearing makeup, I swore in confusion," she wrote. "I'm really embarrassed."

She also called Lee-zen "a very good actor" and thanked the "noble people who gave him opportunities" and "benefactors who believed in him along the way".

Matilda added that she then put on makeup and rushed to the afterparty.

Andy Lau apologises for dangerous concert stunt

Hong Kong's Heavenly King Andy Lau performed a stunt during his concert in Shanghai on July 5 that had fans concerned.

In fan footage from the event, the 62-year-old can be seen running on an elevated platform that appears to be three to four metres high before sliding to a stop on his knees.

He narrowly misses falling off the platform, with one knee hanging over the edge. Fans can be heard yelling in fear of his safety in the background.

"Be safe, Andy Lau, don't forget that you are already 62 years old and are not young anymore," a fan wrote on X.

Netizens also drew comparisons to the death of Wong Ka-kui, lead singer of the Hong Kong band Beyond, who died in 1993 after falling 2.7m off a stage in Japan.

"This is exactly how Wong Ka-kui died. I almost cried," a fan wrote.


In a video shared by South China Morning Post, Andy could be seen apologising at his next concert the following day.

"I did a very dangerous action yesterday. I didn't expect it to be so slippery and I was scared too," he said. "So I'd like to say sorry today and I hope you will forgive me, won't you?"


The platform was lowered and Andy reportedly didn't slide on it again, though he did apologise once again after stumbling on stage.



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