Halloween Extra: Know your Asian horror movies

Over the years, Asian horror movies have gained a foothold in a genre that was once dominated by Hollywood. Japan, in particular, is known for churning out hit movies such as The Ring and Ju-On which have gone on to spawn sequels and Hollywood remakes.

One of the terrifying elements in Asian horror films is that the evil spirit is rarely - if ever - appeased. Spirits in Asian horror movies wreck havoc indiscriminately. Think of Sadako (The Ring) - she was just angry and wanted to murder everyone who watched her tape.

While Japan has been the king of Asian horror movies for years, other scary powerhouses in the region include Thailand and South Korea. Horror movies from these two countries often play on folklore and urban legend.

Think you know your Asian horror movies? Try our quiz below and see if you are a Jiangshi, a Ju-On or a Sadako.