Handsome foreign viewer on hit Chinese TV show goes viral

Internet users are crazy about the good looks of a foreign audience member on the hit reality television show I am a Singer.

Close-up shots of him listening attentively while Chinese singer Zhang Liangyin performed were shown on last night's show, which aired on Hunan Television.

Chinese netizens started talking on social media about the handsome audience member on the show. Soon afterwards, a Sina Weibo user by the name Jeanhugo03 made a post claiming he was the foreigner at the show.

"Hello, Yes I'm the guy on I am a Singer! I am very grateful to my friends that helped me get there! Please follow me," posted Jeanhugo03 at 1:24 am today.

He also made a post in Chinese, which he translated using online translation software, thanking Internet users for their attention.

"Please follow me to see the photos I take and my life in beautiful China and other places around the world. Much love," he wrote.

As of 2 pm today, Jeanhugo03 already has nearly 11,600 followers.

What they say

Lomenfic: I was totally hit down by this beautiful man.

Cynthia0913: The foreign audience from I am a Singer is on fire!

Buzhongyao_Jq: I knew I would find him on Weibo. He looks so much like my ex-boyfriend!