Hardest part about shooting bedroom scenes? Trying not to laugh

Sexy Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu strips down to her lingerie for a love scene in her new movie Rhythm Of The Rain.

Considering that she is no stranger to sex scenes, having acted in soft-porn flicks before, it is surprising that Hsu still finds it difficult to nail each take. Her biggest challenge - laughing during the shoot.

In Rhythm Of The Rain, the 38-yearold beauty said that the hardest part of shooting the intimate scene with Taiwanese actor Alan Kuo was not laughing after the director yelled "Action!".

Hsu, who was in town to promote the show, which opens here today, told The New Paper: "As I knew Alan beforehand, I almost broke into laughter when shooting the bed scene with him.

"Once I started laughing, I won't stop and I would NG for 10 to 20 times." NG, which stands for "no good", refers to scenes that need to be shot again. She added: "Even if I felt shy or awkward while filming the bed scene, I did not show it.

"I had to conceal it so that my co-actor would not feel uncomfortable or insecure." The music-themed movie, directed by famed Taiwanese lyricist Vincent Fang,

features Kuo as Allen, the leader of an indie band who falls in love with a demure undergraduate Yu Jie (newcomer Ginnie Han) .

After a night of drinking with his rock musician ex-girlfriend Sharon (Hsu), Allen hooks up with her.

Kuo, 32, who has admired Hsu since his teenage years, praised her acting skills.

Irregular Breathing In a separate press conference at Sentosa's Capella Hotel, he said: "I think our director treated me very well by giving me (those scenes) with Vivian. I don't know if he noticed (that) my breathing was funny and irregular whenever Vivian was around." He added: "If my co-star was someone who didn't have as much screen experience as Vivian, I'm sure that bed scene would have been quite awkward and embarrassing for us.

"But Vivian... made the whole process very comfortable and natural." Hsu, who started out as a singer and model in the early 1990s, rose to fame and earned her nickname as "Sexy Goddess" after she acted in a few Hong Kong Category 3 films and released a sexy pictorial book at the age of 18.

She worked in Japan for five years before returning to Taiwan to focus on music and acting.

But fans hoping for more sexy scenes from Hsu will be disappointed. She has said that she would like more conservative roles in the future if she settles down and becomes a mum.

Known for being extremely low-profile about her love life, Hsu surprised regional media a few weeks ago by revealing that she is in a stable relationship. Although she refused to disclose her boyfriend's identity, he is said to be Taiwanese actor Chris Wang, 31, and the couple have been photographed together on several dates.

When asked about her new relationship, Hsu smiled coyly and told TNP: "My current boyfriend is my ideal type. He is filial, disciplined, healthy and works hard in his job."

She added: "Looks are not the main priority. Most importantly, he must be sincere and treat me and others well." Hsu, who has previously spoken of her desire to settle down and have children before the age of 40, said she will let nature take its course. "If I do become a mum, I will choose my roles more carefully. I will probably become more conservative."

5 facts about Vivian hsu

1) She acted in three Hong Kong Category 3 movies (for persons aged 18 and above) - Hunting List, Devil Angel and Angel Heart - when she first started out in the early 1990s.

2) A talented songwritercomposer, Hsu has written songs for popular Mandopop singers such as Jay Chou (above).

3) She used to be the main vocalist for a Japanese dance group called Black Biscuits.

4) Admired by many for her porcelainwhite skin and hot bod, Hsu said the secret to maintaining her youthful looks is regular exercise.

5) Hsu has been linked to many popular stars in the past decade such as Chou, Stephen Fung and Vanness Wu. When she was furthering her career in Japan, she dated Sugizo (below), the lead guitarist of Japanese rock band Luna Sea. She was also rumoured to be dating Japanese singer Gackt.

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