Has action star Donnie Yen gone from fit to fat?

PHOTO: The Star/Asia News Network

During a recent press conference to promote their latest movie Chasing The Dragon, Donnie Yen and Wong Jing took the opportunity to reveal their upcoming movie collaboration with a movie poster and life-size standee of Yen in a fat suit.

It appears to be a remake of Enter The Fat Dragon, a 1978 Hong Kong martial arts film which starred a very young Sammo Hung. Hung also served as film director and action choreographer for the movie. In it, Hung plays a country bumpkin who is a huge fan of Bruce Lee.

So, all his fight scenes were set up as a tribute to Bruce Lee's 1973 kung fu movie Way Of The Dragon (also known as Return Of The Dragon).

Find it hard to visualise Yen as a rotund martial artist?

Well, we have news for you. It is technically not the first time that Yen has performed martial arts in a fat suit.

In 2015, Yen appeared in a Sinomax mattress commercial with his wife Cissy Wang.

Check out the ad below where Yen is doing double duty as both Fat Donnie and Fit Donnie.

Yen, 54, already has his plate full next year as he is slated to work on sequel movies such as Ip Man 4 and Flash Point 2 as well as a live-action adaptation of the popular video game Sleeping Dogs.

He is expected to commence principal photography on Enter The Fat Dragon later this year.

For now, fans can catch Yen hamming it up as a notorious mobster alongside the corrupt cop played by Andy Lau in Chasing The Dragon which opens in Malaysian cinemas on Sep 28.

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