Haze busters

Singapore has been shrouded in a blanket of grey and gloom, courtesy of the ongoing haze.

Celebrity or not, no one has been spared from its pesky effects - which can range from a slight rash to breathing difficulties.

Who is digging out his masks from 2013? And who is fighting "cabin fever" from staying indoors?

We speak to some local celebs to find out how they've been surviving.

ONE FM DJ Glenn Ong, 45

I've bought a box of N95 masks. I was also supposed to go for the F1 races this weekend but if the weather gets worse, I'll just stay in. I feel that the haze has been affecting my voice, but (radio DJ fiancee Jean Danker) has been feeling its full effects and even had to take antihistamines.

ONE FM DJ Mark Van Cuylenburg, aka Flying Dutchman, 59

The haze is no laughing matter because I (will) start to cough and need to have my Ventolin inhaler handy.

But I have friends in Riau (Indonesia) and I understand that what we are experiencing is nothing compared to them.

Actor-host Chua Enlai, 36

It's so 'jialat' (Hokkien for terrible) right? I came back from Brisbane on Monday to this haze and got the biggest shock of my life! I don't know if my mask from 2013 is already mouldy but I will try to unearth that. I do feel that my throat is starting to hurt but I don't know if that is from talking too much. I've been sticking to my daily routine of eating Manuka honey so I hope it's helping.

ONE FM DJ Shan Wee, 33

I have two young sons, aged 11 months and three, so staying in is the worst possible thing. We all have cabin fever. (My older boy) Ciaran's iPad obsession has gone through the roof and in the course of watching various videos, we've discovered a lot of videos featuring 45-year-old men opening boxes of toys and playing with them.

With Halloween around the corner, this has also inspired me to think of costumes that involve masks for the boys, like (supervillain and Batman nemesis) Bane.

YouTube personality Hirzi Zulkiflie, 26

We'll be filming a parody of (US pop star) Taylor Swift's Bad Blood this weekend so I told (fellow YouTube partner-in-crime Munah Bagharib) I'm going to splash on N95 masks.

Those who feature in the clip, like Kevin Lester, Nathan Hartono and The Sam Willows, will be singing but if the haze worsens, I'll make sure they wear the masks.

Hey, it can be quite fashionable, you know. In fact, I was thinking of painting them and doing some DIY.

Actress-host Nurul Aini Abdul Rahim, 33

My two children fell very sick because of the haze so I try to keep them indoors as much as possible. I went into 'panic mummy mode' when the PSI hit 249 recently. They get antsy so this gives me a reason to buy extra toys for them!

ONE FM DJ Joshua Simon, 25

The silver lining is that the haze is helping me save money as I'm using this as a probation period to quit smoking.

Also, since I can't go to the supermarket to buy fresh groceries, I've been cooking anything and everything I can find in my fridge to whip up something creative. For example, spaghetti sprinkled with Honey Stars cereal. It's good and vegan too.

I'm also spending a lot more time with my family members. All these years hanging out with my best friends, I forgot I have sisters.

Actress Ann Kok, 42

I've been staying home because the haze has made me lazy to go out. I did develop a slight rash on my skin but that was it. Strictly no outdoor activities for me!

This article was first published on September 18, 2015.
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