Hello, handsome: Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey

Are we done with this roller-coaster ride yet?

I don't think my heart can take any more anxiety that the Fifty Shades Of Grey production team is putting me and other fangirls through.

After casting scruffy Charlie Hunnam early last month (boo!) and then dropping him less than two weeks ago (yay!), I hope they are finally sticking to their most recent pick.

The highly-anticipated big-screen adaptation of the popular "mummy porn" novel of the same name can finally get going, now that it was confirmed on Thursday that Irish actor Jamie Dornan, 31, has won the male lead of BDSM-loving tycoon Christian Grey.

Dornan and two other actors, Billy Magnussen and Francois Arnaud, were said to be in the running.

But it wasn't until after a steamy screen-test with co-star Dakota Johnson - in front of director Sam Taylor-Johnson, Fifty Shades author E.L. James and the film's panel of producers - that Dornan was cast.

Johnson plays protagonist Anastasia Steele.

My reaction when I first saw a picture of Dornan?

Why, hello handsome!

The relative newbie may not have enough acting experience to give fans the security they need, but we'll let his physique do the talking.


Fans have raved and even petitioned on change.org for White Collar actor Matt Bomer to snatch the part because of his sexy eyes and manly swagger.

But that doesn't matter since Dornan has similar piercing blue peepers that perfectly channel Grey's lust, passion and darkness (just take a look at his Calvin Klein underwear photoshoot). So that's one box ticked.


Clearly he won't have problems looking gorgeous in jeans hanging from his hips (a classic Grey look) when he enters the Red Room of Pain, which is also known as Grey's den of unusual sexual paraphernalia.

And take a good look at those chiselled abs and pecs. Now, who could possibly complain about seeing that on the big screen? At least for me, that's all I need for now.

For the past month, we had to choke on the fact that Hunnam was about to wreck the dreams of many when he was initially chosen to front the movie.

Thanks to Dornan, we can continue to dream again.

5 things about Dornan

1 He dated Kiera Knightly

Jamie Dornan met the British actress during a 2003 photoshoot in Manhattan.

The couple began dating secretly and kept their relationship under wraps for a year.

They split up in 2005, telling People magazine in a joint statement that they "remain completely committed to each other as friends and will continue to see each other in this capacity".

2 He's married - with a baby on the way

Dornan and English singer-songwriter Amelia Warner exchanged wedding vows in England, in April, and are reportedly expecting their first child.

3 He'll strip for money

Dornan previously showed off his insanely tight hot bod for Calvin Klein in a very Beckham-esque underwear ad, which will no doubt, give us ladies an indication of what's to come on the big screen. He has also appeared in campaigns for Dior, Aquascutum and Armani.

4 He's not an acting newbie

He appeared as Sheriff Graham Humbert in TV fantasy drama Once Upon A Time, a serial killer in Irish-British crime series The Fall and Count Axel von Fersen, Queen Marie Antoinette of France's alleged lover in Sofia Coppola's 2006 film Marie Antoinette.

And in that same year, the New York Times dubbed him "the Golden Torso".

5 He loves Manchester United

Dornan is passionate about sports. He supports Manchester United and was a talented rugby player at school, playing as a fleet-footed winger who could run the 100m in 11.1s.

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