Here's your chance to star in a movie

Calling all aspiring actors... Publicity shot of the movie Lizard On The Wall.
PHOTO: Akanga Film Asia

ALWAYS dreamt of starring in a movie in Singapore? Now, here's your chance.

Singaporean film-maker K. Rajagopal has been commissioned by the Singapore International Festival of Arts (Sifa) to produce a short movie based on author Balli Kaur Jaswal's novel Inheritance.

The film will present the wedding banquet of Amrit held in the family house, beginning with a festive celebration of song and dance.

The events of the day then take an unexpected turn when scandalous secrets come to light and the guests are made to confront the shameful truths of a double life.

Within the traditional confines of the ceremony, morals are questioned as tragedy spirals into madcap absurdity.

It seems the only person who can stand up for Amrit is her brother, but he is also hiding secrets of his own. Can any of them escape the prying eyes of society?

Auditions for the movie - Lizard On The Wall - will be held for the seven key roles on May 20 - especially for those who are fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi, and understand or practice Sikh customs.

The roles include:

● Habeer (father): 50 to 60 years old

● Dalweer (mother): 48 to 55 years old

● Kareem (cousin): 30 to 35 years old

● Narain (brother): 20 to 29 years old

● Gurudev (brother): 30 to 35 years old

● Amrit (sister): 20 to 25 years old

● Banu (wife): 28 to 35 years old

The age limits stated above for each character are only guidelines and others are also welcome to audition.

The auditions will take place at 72-13 - TheatreWorks on Mohamed Sultan Road.

The filming will take place on June 30 and July 1 from 7pm to 10.30pm and on July 2 from 2pm to 5.30pm.

Members of the audience, who purchase tickets to view the filming from June 30 to July 2, will be pulled into the plot as wedding guests in the film.

They can be both the audience and part of the cast of the film.

They will require an O.P.E.N Pass, costing $45, available on

The short movie will be launched at a red carpet gala at midnight on the last day of Sifa on Sept 9 at arthouse cinema The Projector.