He's taking on America again

Since he bagged the title of the inaugural Australian Idol in 2003, Malaysian-born singer Guy Sebastian has been winning fans with his smooth vocals.

The 32-year-old has released six albums, including the Australian chart-topping Just As I Am (2003) and Armageddon (2012).

This year, Sebastian, who splits his time between Sydney and Los Angeles, is set for even bigger things in his career and personal life.

He first made waves in the US when his 2012 hit Battles Scars with US rapper Lupe Fiasco charted on the Billboard Hot 100 - a first for him - for 20 weeks and was the promotional track for Hollywood war flick Red Dawn starring Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson.

Now, Sebastian has set his sights on breaking into the US market properly.

He has already gone on tour in the US to promote Like A Drum, the lead single off his upcoming album.

The release of the record, his first in the US, is slated between July and September.

He told M earlier this month from his home in Sydney: "The US has been great so far, I feel like I'm breaking down walls, introducing people to what I do and making a difference.

"In Australia, I play big stages and arenas to some 40,000 people and then head to the US to play for like, five people.

"It is a very humbling experience and I'm excited to keep going up."

In 2008, he scored a record deal and was due to release an album there, but the global financial crisis happened and the record label he was signed to folded.

He recalled: "It was heartbreaking, tough and emotional. There was no one I could call, everyone working for the label was made redundant.

"I thought, 'Who do I call to know if I am still signed to this label?'"

Sebastian, who married his long-time girlfriend, stylist Jules Egan, in 2008, welcomed his second son Archer Jones last Thursday.

Their elder child, Hudson, is two.

He posted a photo of the newborn on Instagram, saying how "stoked" he was.

"He's a little cutie and Huddie loves being a big brother. Julesy was a trooper during the birth and is doing well," he wrote.

Earlier, Sebastian had many, including his mother, fooled when he pulled a fast one on April Fool's Day, announcing on Twitter the "birth" of his twin girls Jessie Simone and Tressinda Tracey.

He said: "It's interesting to see how Hudson is taking it. He is quite demanding now and wants attention on him all the time. For me, I think it will obviously be harder because with one child, we take turns taking care of him while the other gets a break. With the new one, no one really gets rest."

But Sebastian is positive that their new addition will teach him a thing or two about time management.

"You don't waste time, you're a lot more organised because you want time for music and for your family," he said.

Asked if he is keen on his children growing up as musicians, he said: "As long as my kids are healthy and happy, I'll support (them) in whatever (they) want to do - garbage collector, doctor or musician...anything."


During his Australian Idol days, his trademark afro had fans going absolutely wild - "Go the fro!" became a favourite chant to cheer him on.

After he was crowned the first season's champion, some took it a step further by turning up at his concerts in afro wigs.

It became a "thing" then, and all because he was too lazy to make a trip to the barber. Now, he chooses to keep his locks short and said his afro might never see the light of day again.

"I want people to concentrate on my music, I want my music to do the talking... It shouldn't be about my afro," he said.


This article was published on April 23 in The New Paper.

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