HK actor Pierre Ngo finds food delivery not an easy job

Pierre Ngo left TVB after 22 years with the Hong Kong station.
PHOTO: Instagram/ngokanin

After more than two decades of juggling acting jobs, Hong Kong actor Pierre Ngo was given an opportunity to try being a food delivery rider and found that it was not an easy job.

Ngo, 43, was invited to participate in the reality show Midlife Crisis, which documented the challenges faced by middle-aged men, and arranged for its guests to take on common blue-collar jobs so that they could experience for themselves the various hardships of everyday jobs.

While trying his hand at a Uber Eats food delivery rider’s job, the unassuming actor had to deal with one obstacle after another.

To begin with, it took him some time to find the restaurant where he was scheduled to pick up the meal he was supposed to deliver.

And during the delivery process, he neglected to carry change with him, and had to go back to get it.

“I forgot to bring my change with me again, and only discovered it when I realised the customer had opted for cash payment.

“I actually got a handful of change and I put them all in my wallet earlier,” said Ngo, who had kept his wallet locked up in the rear storage case of his motorcycle.

After that, his smartphone ran out of battery, and that gave him another load of problems.

“It’s because I forgot to charge my phone. So, I was reminded to bring a charger with me the next time I reported for work.

“When I saw that the battery level was almost down to zero, I had to quickly commit everything to memory, from the delivery address to which floor and who to look for,” said Ngo.

While looking for a charger for his phone, he discovered that there were several ways he could get his phone charged.

“Initially, I rushed into a store to buy a charger. Then, one of the crew members told me that I could borrow one at a convenience store, and I also noticed a cafe nearby that offered charging services on a takeout basis.”

Ngo is best known for his roles in Always And Ever (2013), River Of Wine (2011), No Regrets (2010), Rosy Business (2009) and Sweetness In Salt (2009).

The actor left TVB in February this year after 22 years of working at the Hong Kong television station.

He had hoped to focus his efforts on his theatre and film work.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak put a spanner in the works. His stage play was postponed from April to September and the shooting for his films were halted.