HK actor rants over call to remove yellow ribbon

HK actor rants over call to remove yellow ribbon

Chapman To became furious after a TVB host asked him to remove his yellow ribbon for an interview on Saturday at the Dragon Centre, where he was promoting his film Flirting In The Air.

Yellow ribbons have become synonymous with Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, with protesters wearing them to show their support. Others have worn blue ribbons, the colour of police uniforms there, to call for peace and a return to normalcy.

After the TVB host's request, the actor broke into foul language and refused to back down.

"TVB doesn't allow people to wear yellow ribbons, crazy," he said.

TVB proceeded with the interview in the end, after which To was still angry.

Although the film's director Wong Jing earlier wore a blue ribbon in support of the police, To said he did not criticise him because "Brother Jing" had always been very supportive of him and respected his stance.

"Family and friends all have their own stance - I don't mind them too much. Privately, Brother Jing and I have chatted. I very rarely discussed politics and religion with friends," To said.

On Facebook, he unfriended several friends, not because of their stance but their "intelligence quotient".

"I have friends whose stance differs from mine, but I didn't unfriend them because I know they are normal people. They have the ability to analyse, only their thinking is different and is worthy of respect," To explained.

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