HK actress falls to her death

According to Hong Kong media reports, actress Colleen Chan was found dead at Po Lam Estate in Hong Kong at about 11pm last Friday.

Apple Daily reported that she had fallen to her death. She was 40.

An ambulance was called, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police confirmed that Chan was the daughter of renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Frankie Chan, and that while she was known to have emotional problems, but the reasons for her death are still unclear.

The actress was believed to have posted a photo of actress Pauline Chan's 2002 suicide on her Facebook account hours before her death, as well as picture of a bird's eye view of a building. The pictures came with the message: "People who hate me and like me, I plan not to see you forever."

Weeks before, she had also posted a photo of a suicide jump on Chinese social networking app WeChat with the message: "Don't know if the next one will be me."

Colleen Chan's friend, actress Irene Wan, said she saw the WeChat message. She thought it was a joke "because she's usually so cheerful". Feeling uneasy about her failure to prevent Chan's death, Wan said she should have called Chan after seeing the message.

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