HK actress Jessica Hester Hsuan remains vigilant over pandemic

Jessica Hester Hsuan is currently shooting the fifth season of Armed Reaction.
PHOTO: Instagram/jessicahsuan_official

Hong Kong actress Jessica Hester Hsuan is currently working hard to complete her scenes for her latest drama Armed Reaction 2020, which is the fifth season of the popular TVB police series.

Her Armed Reaction 2020 co-stars include Gloria Tang and Him Law, whose wife Tavia Yeung just gave birth to a baby girl in April.

Hsuan, 49, told reporters who caught up with her on the set that she feels some stress due to concern about passing illness to her co-stars so she takes extra precautions.

One time, she developed a fever and cough and she was so worried that she went to see a doctor and got herself tested. Fortunately, the result was negative.

Although filming was smooth, Hsuan admitted that it was tougher due to extra day-time shifts.

“I have to wake up at 4am to put on my own makeup and set my own hair," said Hsuan, who remains vigilant and tries to limit contact with others by doing most things herself.

Additionally, she would also go to the supermarket to pick up groceries on her way home from work, so that her domestic helper need not go out and take the bus.

She noticed that fewer people are wearing masks as Covid-19 statistics have been decreasing, so she urged the public not to be too complacent, in order to avoid another wave of the pandemic.

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