HK star Andy Lau unveils theme for world concert tour

Hong Kong star Andy Lau recently announced his concert theme and unveiled the poster for his latest tour titled My Love Andy Lau World Tour 2018/2019

Lau, 56, is set to kick off his concert tour at the 12,500-capacity Hong Kong Coliseum with 20 shows, from December 15, 2018 to January 3, 2019. Following that, the singer-actor is set to take his show to China.

The concert poster features a colourful portrait of Lau painted in Expressionistic style by Wuhan-born Beijing-based painter Zeng Fanzhi, 54.

A renowned contemporary artist from mainland China, Zeng's artwork famously sells for millions: notably, Mask Series No.6 which sold for US$9.6mil (S$3.2 million) in 2008, and The Last Supper which sold for US$23.3 million in 2013.

Speaking of his friendship with artist Zeng who painted his concert theme, Lau said: "I have known Fanzhi for more than 10 years. At that time, I had wanted to study oil painting. I was filming in Beijing. Coincidentally, we had mutual friends who introduced us so I was able to pay a visit to Fanzhi at his work studio. I really wanted to learn from him, but I didn't dare to say it then. I hope that one day I can learn to paint with him."

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The Hong Kong Heavenly King had originally planned a year-end concert at Hong Kong Coliseum in 2017, but was forced to cancel it when he suffered serious injuries in a horse-riding mishap while filming a beverage commercial in Thailand.

Lau had to take a hiatus from showbiz as he had suffered multiple pelvic fractures and muscle tendon strains, after being thrown off a horse which also stomped on his back.

Having been active in showbiz since 1981, Lau has released 61 albums, 172 films and 28 television series. He has won more than 300 music awards and several acting kudos for his roles in movies like Running Out Of Time (1999), A Fighter's Blues (2000), Running On Karma (2003), Infernal Affairs III (2003), Protege (2007) and A Simple Life (2011).