Honey, Katy Perry asks if she can attend our wedding

CHICAGO - Pop star Katy Perry made a surprise appearance at an American couple's wedding over the weekend, taking photos and dancing with the newlyweds at their reception in St Louis.

Perry was in the mid-western city for a concert when she and her entourage surprised newlyweds Hayley Rosenblum and Blonie Dudney at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday night.

"She actually asked the bride and groom if she could come in and crash their wedding, and they both said yes," wedding guest Amy Prada said.

"Everyone was shocked and happily surprised," she added, noting that Perry visited for about 15 minutes, dancing with the couple and taking wefies with guests.

The surprise came late into the night. Wedding photographer Ray Prop told St Louis Magazine that he was getting ready to leave.

"All of a sudden, the crazy human-train stopped right at the bride and groom, and a woman with short blonde hair in a baseball cap said: 'Do you mind if we crash your wedding?'" he said.

Perry was in town for her Witness tour and mentioned the wedding visit during her Sunday performance, according to posts on social media.