Hong Kong actress' big break has fans digging into her past

PHOTO: Weibo/许雅婷Kabbyhui

It has been revealed recently that actress and model Kabby Hui Nga Ting began her entertainment career by acting in erotic films, reports China Press.

The buxom 24-year-old caught the public's attention in the latest reboot of Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber, an adaptation of Louis Cha's popular novel of the same name.

Hui played sweet looking martial artist Xiao Zhao, who is one of the protagonist's love interest.

Her performance as Xiao Zhao received much praise and viewers began to dig deeper into her past acting history.

It was then revealed that Hui had once acted in a softcore Hong Kong film entitled May We Chat in 2013 in which she played a young prostitute.

Even Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok, who is a fan, noted that her sex scenes were "extremely realistic".

Hui and Kwok were rumoured to have dated.

Since her debut in May We Chat, Hui has portrayed many femme fatale characters in Hong Kong dramas but had yet to receive critical acclaim until her performance in Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber.

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