Hong Kong singer Dominic Chow files police report against autistic son's special needs school

Hong Kong singer Dominic Chow files police report against autistic son's special needs school
PHOTO: Facebook/周啟生 Dominic Chow

Hong Kong singer Dominic Chow has alleged that his son’s special needs school is abusing its students.

The 60-year-old got suspicious when the school in Tung Wah notified him about his 21-year-old autistic son Zhou Jie breaking the toe on his right foot. 

The school contacted Dominic a few days after the incident when they found CCTV footage which revealed that the young man was assaulted in the school dormitory.

He was said to have had his hair pulled, throat pinched and was even shoved against a wall.

Dominic then filed a police report on October 14, as he suspected that his son was getting beaten up in school frequently. He also wrote multiple posts on his Facebook account to expose the school.

School responded to complaint

The school admitted that a staff working in the dormitory had “pulled a student and pushed him against the wall”.

It further stated that they had transferred the staffer to a place where he would no longer be in contact with any students.

In addition to this, the school emphasised that they have launched an in-depth probe and that they have a zero-tolerance approach to such abuse. They further stated that they would assist with police investigations.

The accused staffer is said to have resigned. 

Not appeased with school’s reply

Dominic, however, is not pleased with the school’s response and believes that the problem is actually more deep-rooted than it seems.

He reportedly said that when he visited the school a couple of years back, he witnessed a shocking incident where a member of the staff was pressing his groin against a girl’s face.

The singer said that he lodged a complaint only to have the principal brush it off. However, today in hindsight, he “regrets not making a fuss about the issue”.

Shares photos of 2015 incident

He further shared an excerpt from a 2015 Apple Daily report where a teacher from the same school slapped a male student’s stomach and told him dirty jokes.

Even though the incident was reported to the police, the matter came to a close. The teacher later resigned for his “unprofessional behaviour”.

Learnt parenting lessons the hard way

Dominic, who rose to fame in the ’80s, has another daughter and a son. 

In 2014, he pleaded guilty to one count of child neglect for leaving his autistic and epileptic son, who was not named at that time, alone at home for more than a week. His neighbour had alerted the police after noticing the boy wandering outside.

Dominic was sentenced to 80 hours of community service

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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