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Based on the title alone, I take it that somebody here really digs sex. And since this is a clip from Danish art-house director Lars von Trier (Dancer In The Dark, 2000), I figured I'd keep an open mind before possibly killing myself out of sheer exasperation.

Charlotte Gainsbourg tells Stellan Skarsgard that as a young girl, she discovered she's a nymphomaniac, as casually as most girls discover they like baking. She also says she cannot feel anything and is rebelling against love.

There are lots of flashbacks in this nudity-free trailer to Gainsbourg as a lusty teen (played by newcomer Stacy Martin, above) looking like Emma Watson in hyper(sex)drive.

Shia LaBeouf and other dudes pop up cavorting with Ms Nympho in bed as they talk, scream, slap and confront one another. This looks kinda like a hipper Eyes Wide Shut (1999).

By the way, this is just Volume 1. Meaning there's gonna be a sequel. Make sure your shrink stays available for part two.


Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Mann are funny gals who are also pretty. Here comes a funny gal who is also smokin' hot. Boy, Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks (above) really kills it here in a skintight little yellow dress so attention-grabbing it should be given co-star billing.

She's Meghan Miles, a newscaster given a big one-chance-only shot at becoming a news anchor. Problem is, after a drunken one-night stand (with nice guy James Marsden), she's lost somewhere in the city without her phone, ID, money, car - nothing.

Hence begins her die-die-mustget-there rush to her TV station involving running and tripping in high heels, wacky adventures in thug land, a helicopter chase, fleeing from cops mistaking her for a hooker and stealing bicycles from children. These are the sort of nutty situations which happen only to Steve Carell, Seth Rogen and maybe their grandmas.

Seriously, can a damsel in distress in a sexy dress really get stranded like this in downtown LA these days even if she really wanted to?

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