How celebrities avoid paparazzi

Celebrities have fame, followers, and fortune, and they seem to bask in the limelight. While their fans scrutinise their every move, they forget that celebrities are still only human, and they want some privacy every now and again.

Recently, Cecilia Cheung tried to avoid conversation with a reporter by talking into her cell phone. Unfortunately, her phone's home screen could be clearly seen and illuminated and she was holding the phone upside down.

While she made a boo-boo in avoiding the paparazzi, here are other ways celebrities have managed to get rid of the paparazzi.

1. Divert their attention

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield decided to make the best out of their situation. More than once, they have been photographed with signs bearing information about other charitable causes.

If you're going to be photographed, why not spread the word for some good works, right?

2. Wear the same outfit

Katy Perry used this tactic to frustrate the paparazzi. If she looks the same in every photo, nobody can tell when the pictures were taken, and the photos won't attract attention.

3. Obscuring your face

Justin Bieber uses pillows, Ashley Tinsdale and Amanda Bynes used their pet dogs, Asian celebrities use hoodies, jackets, and surgical masks.

And on an entirely different level, Jaden Smith, Will Smith's son, used an Iron Man mask... along with the rest of an Iron Man costume.

4. Location, location, location

Korean stars like to go overseas to have fun and let their hair down. After all, not many entertainment magazines can afford to send their reporters on flights all over the world to chase down their favourite celebrities.

When they do date in the country, the Korean stars simply date on the move. Actors Lee Min Ho and Suzy's dating routine would consist of them just driving around, not letting the paparazzi get a fix on their location.

In addition, they use staff elevators in hotels instead of regular lifts for the public.

5. Dating in groups

Some actors have taken the extra step to mask their dates by going out in groups.

The couple may also use code names for each other to throw eavesdroppers off their trail.

6. Anti-paparazzi clothing

Chris Holmes, Paul McCartney's DJ, created a set of clothing that reflects camera flashes and ruins the papparazzi's photos.

The collection includes a hooded jacket, a scarf, and a blazer that looks like everyday clothing to the naked eye, but acts like a mirror when flash photography is used.

Holmes was inspired to create the clothing after publicity shots he wanted were ruined by some of his reflective outfits he wore to shows.