Hunger Games his ideal role

Hunger Games his ideal role

He isn't "Starvin' Marvin" anymore.

Marvin Cortes, 21, earned that nickname for being "desperate" during his stint on the 20th season of US reality TV modelling series America's Next Top Model (ANTM).

This season - called "guys & girls"- was the first that let men take part alongside women.

But he emerged runner-up, behind blonde beauty Jourdan Miller, and it looks like life is just getting better.

Cortes was one of the few male contestants who actively chased his female competitors.

Later in the season, he began cuddling up to ANTM finalist Renee Bhagwandeen. They are still together and Bhagwandeen recently flew to Los Angeles to celebrate Cortes' birthday.

"Everyone keeps asking me (about her)," Cortes told The New Paper over the phone last month from Los Angeles, after the season finale aired in the US.

"I thought it was going to die off, but we Skype every night, we talk on the phone, we keep each other in the loop."

His sensitivity and teary moments were mocked on the show, something he defended during the interview.

"Guys are just as dramatic as the girls. But we settle it a lot faster, we won't carry a grudge the whole season," he said.

Since ANTM, Cortes has moved to Los Angeles to pursue modelling and hopefully an eventual acting career.

"The Hunger Games - that would be such an ideal role," he said.

And while things are still the same for the family, Cortes said he is working hard.

He said: "At 65, my parents are still working, so when I become successful, I want to take care of them."

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