Hwang Chi-yeul becomes best-selling nongroup artist since 2013

Hwang Chi-yeul
PHOTO: HOW Entertainment

Sales of the EP "Be Ordinary" by singer Hwang Chi-yeul have surpassed 100,000 copies, according to a local music sales tracker, Hanteo Chart, on Wednesday.

From June 14 to Tuesday, 103,787 copies of the record were sold.

This marked the most sales by an artist not affiliated with a group, since 2013 when legendary singer Jo Yong-pil released his album "Hello."

Boy bands and girl groups typically dominate music sales in the K-pop scene. Most commercially successful solo artists are also members of a K-pop group.

Last year, K-pop sensation BTS topped charts with over 537,000 records sold, followed by EXO.

After debuting in 2007, Hwang remained in obscurity for 10 years, before making his breakthrough through a series of TV appearances since 2015.

He has since gained popularity and is slated to hold his first solo concert in Seoul at the Olympic Park this weekend.

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