'I'm privileged and I appreciate it'

Key in @kimmylecute on Instagram and you'll be inundated with photos of a young pretty girl with luscious locks, a wardrobe of expensive clothes and enough branded items to fill a room.

She is none other than 22-year-old Kim Lim, the daughter of Singapore billionaire business tycoon Peter Lim.

The undergrad, who is studying business management at the Singapore Institute of Management, is gaining recognition online for her stylish fashion posts on Instagram, amassing over 17,000 followers in 1½ years.

One typical post sees Miss Lim posing in front of one of her dad's swanky supercars, dressed in a Givenchy outfit with Christian Louboutin sneakers, complete with a Hermes handbag.

Other posts see her lunching with football stars Nani and David Beckham when they were previously in town separately.

Miss Lim, who counts Chanel and Christian Louboutin as her favourite brands and has about 80 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes and 40 Chanel bags, told The New Paper: "I love shopping and my posts are usually about my fashion, not so much about showing off my items."

She added: "I love sparkly and glittery stuff. I collect Chanel classic handbags in bright colours like pink, orange and turquoise, and I buy a lot of Louboutins even though the heels are very painful. I wear their sneakers though. I describe my fashion sense as more high-street style."

Even though Miss Lim's father owns a fleet of luxurious sports cars, she does not drive them. Instead, she is chauffeured to and from her destination.

"It is more convenient, as I don't have to find parking space. Sometimes if I am going to town, my friends pick me up as I live nearby (in Orchard)," she said.

She also admitted: "I do feel guilty about shopping too much, and I am trying to cut down. My dad is a humble person and he does nag at me and tell me to buy less. I think when I start earning my own money and charging my shopping expenses to my account, I'll really feel the pinch."

She added: "Sometimes, I buy too much and my dad only finds out when he sees his bill at the end of the month and he will nag at me."

However, despite what people see from her seemingly materialistic posts on Instagram, Miss Lim has a lesser-known side to her.


Influenced by her father, she's greatly involved in charity work, volunteering regularly at the Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly at Bukit Merah View.

On an average day, when Miss Lim has no classes in school, she said she would head there to chat with the old folks and keep them company.

The friendly, down-to-earth girl said: "I would pack and distribute food to the old folks every year, and sometimes, my dad brings me to funfairs and we raise funds for the elderly. We also throw Christmas parties for them. It's very enjoyable and I like spending time with them."

She added: "After I graduate next year, I hope to be able to start my own charity organisation."

Even though she carries the label of being "Peter Lim's daughter", Miss Lim does not feel the pressure to meet other people's expectations.

"I am definitely going to take over my dad's businesses and help him expand them in the future, but there is no hurry. Before that, I might start an online clothing business, and look into franchising some brands. I think it's better for me to learn the ropes on my own first before I help my father out."

Just like Mr Kane Lim, Miss Lim knows that critics talk about her behind her back.

Coincidentally, both Singapore scions are friends, having studied at Anglo-Chinese School (International).

Miss Lim said: "I don't want people to think I am flaunting my wealth, because I am not. But my account is so public, everyone can see it, and there are bound to be people who don't like me. I just ignore these people."

She added: "My dad has always taught me to be humble. I know I come from a privileged background and I appreciate it."

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