I'm too old to act in rom coms, says Grant

LONDON - He has made women the world over swoon over his good looks and sensitive new-age guy roles, but Hugh Grant has now declared himself too old to act in romantic comedies.

"Nowadays, I pretty much turn everything down anyway, because I just feel too old, certainly for romantic comedy and certainly for show business in general. Occasionally, they wheel me out," the 54-year-old Briton said at the European premiere of his new film in London on Tuesday.

The actor is famous for his on-screen romances with Andie MacDowell in 1994's Four Weddings And A Funeral and with Julia Roberts in Notting Hill from 1999.

He was speaking at the premiere of The Rewrite, in which he plays a screenwriter forced to teach at a small university to make ends meet.

"I know it's being billed as a romantic comedy and I see what they're trying to do, but it's really only partly a romantic comedy," Grant said.

"It's also about a man who's sort of lost in life, rediscovering himself and finding new things that he actually loves in life."