Inch Chua returns from 4-month retreat with EP Letters to Ubin

Inch Chua returns from 4-month retreat with EP Letters to Ubin

SINGAPORE - Fresh from her four-month hiatus at Pulau Ubin, local singer-songwriter Inch Chua has returned to the mainland with fresh inspiration, Letters to Ubin.

The seven tracks on Letters to Ubin feature electronic beats juxtaposed with the analog charm of a typewriter's clacking and animal sounds - samples from iNCH's day-to-day life on Ubin - all tied together by her vocals.

Reflecting on her simple life on the rustic Pulau Ubin, Inch Chua said: "The experience of living on Ubin was deeply inspiring - Letters to Ubin lays out the barebones of an existence frozen in time, inevitably strewn with narratives of a digital world.

"The record is much more than a homage to the island and its hardened nostalgia; it's a chronicle of my journey of stripping back down to basics - musically and personally."

The indie-pop artist will launch and perform Letters to Ubin live at Aliwal Arts Centre on Nov 26, featuring a 3D projection mapping, screening of films depicting the artist's musical journey on the island, as well as specially-created cocktails made with herbs foraged from the island.

Letters to Ubin follows Inch's 2013 sophomore full-length album Bumfuzzle featuring familiar drum and guitar sounds synonymous with her brand of music.

The EP will be exclusively on Spotify on Nov 17, and for pre-order on iTunes from Nov 6.

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