It's a girl for celebs Andie Chen, Kate Pang

It's a girl for celebs Andie Chen, Kate Pang

Actor Andie Chen, 31, had the best birthday present when his wife Kate Pang, 30, gave birth to their second child, Avery, yesterday morning.

The Taiwan-born actress had started bleeding the night before while she was in the shower.

"There was a lot of blood so I was quite scared," Chen told The New Paper over the phone yesterday.

The couple rushed to the hospital and were informed by their doctor that Pang's water bag needed to be burst and for labour to be naturally induced for the bleeding to stop.


After about four hours of labour, Pang had Avery through natural birth.

Chen described the delivery as relatively smooth.

The baby is 52cm long and weighs 3.65kg.

As Pang had a miscarriage in April last year, Chen was anxious throughout her pregnancy.

"I feel really lucky," he said.

"For this whole (pregnancy), I was worried about the baby and mother's health because I knew it couldn't be taken for granted.

"When Avery came out, I kept asking if she was okay, if everything was intact."

The couple, who have a two-year-old son, had expected the delivery as Pang started having contractions after a routine visit to the doctor on Monday morning.

The contractions stopped that afternoon, but the doctor said Pang could go into labour at any time.

"We were not too nervous, (but) we were on high alert," said Chen, adding that they had packed and were ready to go to the hospital.

He said Pang was weak and giddy, but was resting and recovering well.


The hospital staff gave Chen a chocolate cake and presented Avery with a red velvet cupcake at lunchtime.

Chen said: "I've never been big on birthday celebrations. But now, it will (be) something special."

This article was first published on June 17, 2016.
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