Jack Ma pays $32.5 million for Faye Wong concert in Shanghai: Report

Although pop queen Faye Wong has taken an indefinite break from the entertainment industry, her comeback has been widely anticipated by many - and one such fan is Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

The Chinese billionaire has reportedly paid 160 million yuan (S$32.5 million) for the diva to perform for two nights in Shanghai in December.

According to Apple Daily, the Dec 29 show will be a private concert for Ma and his close friends, while the second show on Dec 30 will be ticketed.

However, fans who are already thinking of buying the best tickets to catch the Ice Queen perform may have to think twice, as tickets will cost up to a whopping 13,888 yuan per person - estimated to be about S$2,830, making it one of the most expensive concert tickets to be sold.

The cheapest ticket is estimated to cost at least 3,000 yuan (S$610), reported Apple Daily.

The upcoming concert is said to be held exclusively in Shanghai's 8,000 seater Mercedes-Benz Arena and will not be touring to Hong Kong.

The news outlet also reported that Wong is expected to hold a press conference in Beijing on Aug 15 to announce her comeback.

Wong's manager confirmed the 46-year-old songstress' end-year comeback to Apple Daily, but declined to reveal more details.

Wong, who had announced an "indefinite break" in 2005, was catapulted into the limelight again, facing intense media scrutiny after she and Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse rekindled their romance in 2014.