Jackie Chan once coughed up blood after filming until 6am

During the filming of The first Police Story, lead actor Jackie Chan was sent to the hospital when he coughed up blood after filming until 6am.

Now, almost thirty years later, he is ready to unveil the franchise's sixth instalment, Police Story 2013, which will open in theatres on December 24, reports QQ.com via Jayne Stars.

At almost 60 years of age, Jackie is known in the entertainment industry for performing all of his film stunts himself. However, he revealed at a recent press conference that he would likely have to use a stunt double in the future.

"I hope everyone can forgive me," he said.

As a result, Police Story 2013 may be one of the last films in which Jackie works without a stunt double.

Jackie recalled a day when he filmed a kidnapping and escape scene. "I didn't want it to be like in other films, where you spit out a steel wire and use that to undo the handcuffs," he explained. "I wanted to design something that would convince the audience."

Jackie used brute strength to pull apart the steel wire, which unfortunately cut into his hands and caused him to bleed.

However, he looked at the situation with humour, joking that his recklessness was due to a set visit by his son, Jaycee Chan. At first, Jaycee was unimpressed by his father's plan, so Jackie plotted to "teach him a lesson".

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