Jackie Chan replaces son in ads after drug scandal

Hong Kong star Jackie Chan has gone to great lengths to try and help his son Jaycee, who was arrested earlier this month after than 100g of marijuana was found in his home, according to Hong Kong media reports.

Ming Pao Daily News yesterday reported that Jackie has even replaced his son as the celebrity spokesman for a Chinese bun manufacturer, Babi Food.

Jaycee appeared in the brand's advertising campaigns in March, and also presented Jackie Chan with the company's longevity buns for his 60th birthday in April.

Recently however, Jackie's face has appeared in the new posters for Babi in Shanghai, showing him as the ambassador for the brand.

This has sparked reports that Jackie has stepped in for his son in order to compensate the company for their losses.

Chinese prosecutors approved the arrest of Jaycee last week, which means the 31-year-old can now be formally charged. 

The arrest has caused embarrassment to Chan, who was once an active anti-drug spokesperson in China.