Jackie Chan's ex-lover arrested for suspected child abuse

Chinese super star Jackie Chan's ex-lover Elaine Ng was arrested on Mar 11 for suspected child abuse, said Chinese media reports.

According to entertainment site Jaynestars, 42-year-old Ng was arrested after her teenage daughter, Etta, confided to school officials that that her mother had abused her and had a drinking problem.

The teenager said she often witnessed her mother drinking alcohol at home and revealed that she had hit her on the shoulders during disputes, added Jaynestars.

After seeking help from her school teacher and social worker, the case was reported to the police due to concerns over Etta's safety.

Jaynestars said Etta did not have any obvious injuries and the case will be followed up by the Social Work Department.

During a home investigation, police found a small amount of substance which is suspected to be marijuana. The specimen has been sent to the laboratories for testing.

The 42-year-old actress has been released on bail but will need to report to the police station in May, said Jaynestars.

Speaking to her colleagues, Ng said her daughter was very concerned about her when the police arrived, and even told them "Mom did not hit me!", reported Jaynestars.

As the issue escalated into a child abuse case, Ng was initially upset, added Jaynestars, but came to see the matter in her daughter's perspective.

Ng gave birth to a daughter, Etta, in 1999 after having an affair with Chinese super star Jackie Chan.

It is unclear who is the biological father of Etta and Chan "initially denied he was the father", said Jaynestars.

Ng has been raising Etta as a single mother in Beijing.

She returned to Hong Kong three years ago to continue working as an actress, according to Jaynestars.

Since the incident, Ng has resumed filming for a variety programme at i-Cable.